The Recycled Brick Yard
Sydney’s Leading Brick Recycler


The Recycled Brick Yard specialises in the supply of premium recycled and second hand bricks to Sydney and throughout N.S.W, Landscaping, Building, and DIY industries.  Our list of clients include landscapers, builders, architects, interior designers and DIY handy people.  It’s not unusual for The Recycled Brick Yard to have in excess of 250,000 bricks in various colours and grades. From brick matching, brick cleaning to recycled brick pavers, we strive to do our best in customer service, as well as endeavouring to supply a superior product. 

Our Recycled and Second Hand Bricks  

All of our recycled bricks are cleaned, graded for cement rendering, paving or face brick, then put onto pallets (palletised), to be delivered to the customer by truck with an all terrain forklift.  There is no minimum order and yard pick-ups are also welcome.

The Recycled Brick Yard specialises in recycled or second hand bricks for:

– Paving for Paths and Driveways

 Cement Rendered walls

– Bagged walls

– Brick Matching for Home & Commercial Renovations/extensions

– Feature walls – interior and exterior

– Garden edging and other landscaping

– Piers for foundations

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