Q. How many bricks to a square metre when paving?

A. 40 – 50 depending on the pattern you lay.

Q. How many bricks to a square metre when building a wall? 

A. 50 bricks.

Q. Are there any height, weight or width limitations for goods pickup and deliveries?

A. 2.6 meters across for the forklift to fit.

Q. Is there anything else I should know about pickup and/or delivery?

A. For deliveries we can arrange a crane/hi-ab truck. Our usual method consists of a brick truck with a all terrain forklift attached with a capacity of 7000 bricks, no minimum order, for small orders we can arrange a smaller truck.

Q. How much does a pallet of bricks weigh?

A. Approximately 2.2 tonnes with 500 bricks on a pallet.

Q. What dimensions are the pallets? 

A. Approximately 114cm squared.

Q. How much does a brick weigh? 

A. Each brick weighs 4.16 kg’s or 9 pounds on the old scale when not wet.