Recycled and Second Hand Brick Products

The Recycled Brick Yard has a huge range of recycled or second hand  / used bricks. Whether you are paving your driveway, need recycled or second hand bricks for your cement rendering job, or needing to brick match bricks they don’t manufacture any more, then contact us  for your second hand brick project. Chances are we can source the required recycled bricks. We are one of the premium recycled brick suppliers in Sydney. There are several types of second hand bricks that The Recycled Brick Yard supplies. These include but are not limited to:

Recycled Builders Bricks

These recycled bricks are perfect for cement rendering, bagging and piers. They have more imperfections than our recycled paving bricks and face grade bricks. Recycled bricks are popular with builders for when the bricks are to be cement rendered or bagged do not grow as much as a new brick.

Recycled Paving Bricks 

Paving grade recycled bricks come in popular colour ranges of mottled greys, browns and reds. Recycled Paving Bricks have less imperfections then our Recycled Builders Bricks. They are most commonly used in driveways and add a rustic feel to any project. These Recycled bricks are the most popular among landscapers.

Face Quality Bricks  

Face quality bricks are most commonly used for feature walls. They are the most uniform of our second hand bricks and have been less frequently handled in the recycling process. They come in a wide variety of colours and are what we provide for most brick matching requests. These recycled bricks are the most popular among designers and architects.