Services / Brick Cleaning

People who are demolishing and rebuilding often throw their old bricks in a skip bin and then go out and purchase new bricks to build, not realising that their old bricks could be cleaned and recycled for a fraction of the cost. The Recycled Brick Yard offers a brick cleaning service to people wanting to reuse their own bricks. Although we wish all bricks were recyclable, this is not always the case. Generally speaking, if the house is built prior to the 1950’s then the bricks are can be recycled, unless a cement mortar has been used.

Services / How It Works

Once the demolition of your structure is complete, try to assess how many bricks are to be recycled. A good way of telling how many bricks you have to recycle, is by calculating how many square metres of the structure has been demolished. You can do this asking the tradesmen who did the work for you for an estimate. Otherwise, take an educated estimate from the pile you have. Once you have done this, contact us and we will make an appointment to clean and stack the bricks to be reused.

FAQ’s/Brick Cleaning

Q. How much space does 1,000 bricks take up once stacked?

A. 1,000 bricks can require approximately 3 square metres of space once stacked.

Q. How can I tell if the Bricks are recyclable?

A. A good way to tell if the bricks are recyclable is if the mortar on the bricks is able to be cleaned off with a hatchet or scraping tool. Another way is by banging the bricks together and seeing if the mortar is soft enough to be cleaned off without breaking the brick.

Q. What happens if there is more rubbish than good bricks to be cleaned in the brick pile?

A. The brick cleaner will assess if the job is worth continuing.

Q. Where does the brick cleaner stack the recycled bricks?

A. The brick cleaner will only stack the bricks next to where they are working. They do not move the recycled bricks to another location on the job site.